Best Retail Management System in Nigeria

You are a retailer and you know having a standard Retail Management System that works is one of the most important keys to the success of your business. If you’re looking for a world-class standard Retail Management System specifically for your operation, you’ve come to the right place.

You may find yourself asking questions like, “What’s so special about having a Retail Management tool?” Well here are a few important reasons;

  1. It is easy to analyse your sales results at any level
  2. Your data is safe since your documents are not stored locally 
  3. There is no room for human error 
  4. Spreadsheets can always be imported seamlessly into existing Point of Sale software. 
  5. Sales records are updated on a real-time basis 
I’m sure with these few points you have been sold! So the next question is how do you get a good Retail management software?

Are you a Retailer or Businessman/Woman currently experiencing difficulty in managing suppliers and orders from customers, a decline in sales revenue? Don’t worry EMB Retail Management System got your retail business covered.

EMB Retail Management System manages customers & suppliers, inventories, deliveries and equally sales. It awards customers discount and allows for real-time order management.

EMB RMS is helpful in running a retail store or chain and handling store functions such as buying inventories, checking out customers, scheduling employee shifts and keeping track of finances. EMB Retail Management System makes retail operations easier, faster, better and efficient.

Why EMB Retail Management System is the Best in Nigeria 

Here are a few reasons why EMB Retail Management System is the best Retail management software for retailers in Nigeria and why you need to sign up:

Bulk upload of products: This is a major aspect of having your products recorded into our system. Simply put, you need to have products added to EMB RMS so you can sell. Bulk upload ensures you are able to easily add as many products as possible in one go.

Keeping track of all Sales: Tracking your sales as a retailer is one of the major concerns of running your retail business. This won’t be an issue for you if you have the right Software. However, most retailers in Nigeria have not invested in a Retail management system, so they face a lot of difficulties with keeping track of all their sales. EMB RMS ensures you know all the products you have in stock. Once you sell a product, it is automatically removed from your stock leaving only what you have remaining.

Security and Backups: It is important that you have a secure Retail management system, that’s why we use SSL or Secure Sockets Layer protocols which are based on the most sophisticated encryption technology that has become industry standard in securing communications over the Internet. We use 128-bit SSL encryption (comparable to most banks and financial institutions) to ensure that your sensitive data is never compromised. Our priority is always to ensure your retail data is safe and secure.

Centralized Information: The system ensures that there is a central system that integrates all business processes.

Increased Collaboration: The system will increase the collaboration of your employees across different departments.

Easy Integration: The system can easily be integrated with other systems if need be and works fine with other applications to boost your sales.

Customizability: EMB RMS does not force you to do things the software developers way, but rather your own way. Customize your organization system admins, security policies, employee user accounts, access control and much more the way you want them. EMB RMS allows you to easily configure what you want each employee to have access to such that you grant them access to only what you want them to have access to.

Automation: Any repetitive processes will be automated alongside existing automated processes, so you concentrate on what matters. Alerts and Reminders can easily be set-up and stopped either automatically when triggered by system events or as at when required by Users.

Affordability: EMB RMS development and deployment infrastructure are customized using a set of widely used open-source software components this means that there are no other software licenses to pay for use of EMB RMS except where you recommend the use of proprietary software components that are not open source. EMB RMS is cheap.

Omni Channel Support: EMB RMS supports Mobiles, Tablets and Desktop devices and will display the same data no matter the device accessing the system.

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