Get 50% Discount on A World-class Bespoke Restaurant Management System

A Restaurant Management System (RMS) is a system that can be used to manage the operations of a restaurant. It is a software that helps restaurant owners to manage every aspect of their business such as ordering, inventory management, sales, personnel management and billing.

While there are several restaurant management systems today, most of them do not have the complete modules or features that can cater to the bespoke needs of restaurants. In fact, more than 80 per cent of the existing systems are just Point of Sales (POS) systems and have limited features. Hence, such systems lack the needed modules that cover the various aspects of the restaurant business.

A recent research on why companies opt for bespoke software for their restaurant business revealed the following:

1. Bespoke software can be used to manage the restaurant operations that are unique to the companies.

2. Having a custom software saves the company time in terms of trying out different systems.

3. Bespoke software saves companies money in the long run because such companies do not have to use multiple systems to achieve different tasks. They only get to pay for features they need in a single system.

4. Updating and maintaining an off-the-shelf software can be very expensive.

5. Most off-the-shelf systems are prone to security issues and companies do not have complete ownership of the software

6. With a bespoke restaurant system, companies get quicker support and do not have their business halted due to technical issues.

One issue restaurant executives may have is finding the right company to develop and customise a bespoke software for her. Hence, Uptitek Limited - the company that provides a world-class bespoke restaurant management system is recommended in this article. This software company is registered in the UK and Nigeria and still expanding. The company has a track record of providing bespoke software to clients in various industries including the hospitality industry. The company has developed and customised bespoke restaurant management systems for many restaurants in the past and is willing to transform your experience to a new level.

If you need a world-class restaurant management system at an affordable cost with compromise in the system capabilities and performance, Uptitek Ltd is the company to hire. Their restaurant management system functionalities for the areas listed below and can be customised to meet any other bespoke requirements any restaurant may have.
  •       Point of Sale (POS)
  •       Customer Billing
  •        Order management
  •        Table Management
  •        Procurement
  •        Inventory Management
  •        Payment Processing
  •        Comprehensive Reporting
  •        Stock out and Stock in
  •        Accounting
  •       Tax
  •        Personnel Management
  •        Payroll
  •        Attendance and Shift management
  •        Discount, Loyalty and Rewards management
  •        Restaurant Security
  •        Access Control/System Security

    Why not hurry up and take advantage of the 50% discount Uptitek Limited is currently offering to own a world-class bespoke restaurant management system that will increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability by more than 50 per cent.

You can contact Uptitek limited via:

Phone - +234 (0) 8103481521 | +44 (0) 1707276208 | +44 7425401247
Email – [email protected]

Website –


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