Legal Technology – Can Security And Confidentiality Of Clients’ Data Be Guaranteed?

The need for Lawyers to embrace technology for improved service delivery and efficiency in Case work and Billing management cannot be overemphasized. However, there has been a lot of debates over the possibility of clients' data being protected with the use of legal technologies. This has become a major issue especially after the occurrence of some major incidents in the world that have necessitated such debates. 

The question here is "Should Lawyers and professionals in other fields then ignore the use of technology?" The answer is no. There are always ways to go about solving problems like this. 

It should be noted that the GDPR has been introduced to regulate the collection, storage, and use of personal data. While this law applies to people from certain countries currently, it is only the beginning of a revolution of how personal data are used on the internet. In line with this, regulatory bodies in different countries are beginning to formulate regulations as to the use of personal data. In Nigeria, for instance, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has come up with the Data Protection Guidelines 2017 (DPG2017) which will come into effect soon.
If you go through the GDPR and DPG2017, you will understand that the provision of technological solutions is regulated. Hence, it is possible for a lawyer to safely use IT solutions to improve his or her day to day activities with the assurance that clients' data are protected and keep confidential. All lawyers need to do is to accept IT solutions from IT companies that are GDPR and DPG2017 compliant.

At this juncture, let me present to you Casefee, a legal Case work and Billing management software developed by Uptitek Ltd. This software will not only help you increase efficiency in Case work & Billing management and clients' satisfaction, lawyers’ clients’ data will be protected as well. Uptitek Ltd is a GDPR and DPG2017 compliant software development company.

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